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Packaging is no longer a strange item to life and plays an increasingly important role while being a product container, helping the product to avoid external influences. At the same time, they are also “silent sellers” to help promote the brands of businesses.

According to statistics, there are currently more than 3000 enterprises operating in the packaging industry. However, in order to survive and develop for a long time and with a competitive market economy like today, many units cannot maintain. However, Vipaco packaging has been and is still on the rise thanks to its high operational efficiency and labor productivity, which has created quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Vipaco is one of the leading quality packaging manufacturers in Vietnam

The development path of Vipaco Packaging

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, a large number, but through each period, Vipaco has affirmed that Vipaco is a professional packaging company with many activities to create changes to rise to affirm its name. on the market.

*Vipaco’s development path:

Since 2002, we were established under the name of Tan Hoang Anh Co., Ltd., then in 2006, we built a modern factory on an area of ​​5,800m2 and officially took the name of Bao Production Application Investment Co., Ltd. Vietnamese envelope.

In 2008, Vipaco invested 250,000 USD for a 6-color printing technology line in Taiwan, China, in 2009 Vipaco aimed to the Japanese market, invested in a new hook line 100% imported from Europe, Japan & Taiwan. Loan and in 2016 continued to invest 12 million USD to build factory No. 2 with an area of ​​15000m2 and in the following years productivity continuously increased rapidly. We have made long strides in the process of changing production technology with modern technical means and machines to create high-quality packaging products with European standards.

By December 2020, Vipaco was honored and proud to be awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Minister of Industry and Trade for “The enterprise has made excellent achievements in implementing the project “Improving productivity and product quality”, industrial goods”.

Constantly investing in technology lines and improving modern production processes

Packaging production facilities are always expanded to ensure the quality packaging production process. At the same time, the products are always strictly inspected by a team of professional and skilled staff.

In addition, the packaging production line is also focused by Vipaco to create a green environment and protect the health of consumers. Nowadays, with modern advanced technology, packaging not only has the function of protection but also the ability to preserve, prolong product life, and effectively promote the image of the company.

Faced with the actual needs of businesses and the urgent requirements of the environment, Vipaco packaging has always improved its technology level and launched a new generation of packaging products – Biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging. environmentally friendly.

The machinery line is considered by Vipaco to be the soul of the factory, because the machines have good and advanced operation to create perfect packaging products. Therefore, most of Vipaco’s machinery lines originate from Germany and Italy and apply modern production processes to create quality products and achieve high productivity.

The machines used by Vipaco are 100% new investment such as: 3-layer blowing machine, high-speed single-layer blowing machine, EVOH 5-layer blowing machine, roll cutting machine line, automatic garbage bag folding cutting machine, printing machine. automatic, roll splitter, high quality T-Shirt bag cutting machine line, 5-layer Stretch Film machine,…

Valuing “reputation” for customers, Vipaco always upholds the motto “Fast delivery on schedule”. Along with that, in order to have quality packaging products at competitive prices, Vipaco applies a strict cost control system at all stages of production and operation.

Up to now, we have penetrated strongly into most of the categories. Vipaco’s customers are spread all over Vietnam. In addition, we also supply products in many major markets such as the US, Japan, UK, France… and many other European countries.

To get today’s achievement is the continuous efforts of Vipaco’s employees, the effort in changing packaging production technology to create quality products.

Why should you choose Vipaco as your business partner?
With the constant effort of change and advanced machinery technology, thanks to the right directions and the determination of the leadership and the staff in the company, Vipaco will constantly rise to become a You have a great influence in the field of packaging not only in the country but throughout Southeast Asia.

Vipaco packaging has overcome many turbulent challenges during the recession of the economy and is still standing today. If you are looking for a good quality packaging manufacturer, then surely through the article you have got the answer.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly via hotline 0221 376 7968. VIPACO’s staff will be ready to answer your questions.

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