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Vipaco joins hands to fight covid 19

In the face of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, hundreds of thousands of Vipaco cordless garbage bags were given away at Duc Giang General Hospital, Thanh Nhan Hospital and 12 concentrated isolation areas in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, serving the daily needs of doctors, medical staff, patients and people.

For Vipaco, this is no longer a “social responsibility” but also a spirit of solidarity, consensus and belief towards a healthy Vietnam.
Previously, responding to the call to accompany and support the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic, Vipaco launched a movement with the spirit of solidarity “mutual love” and donated more than 200 million VND to the Rescue Fund. support Hung Yen province. This is the amount deducted from 1 day’s salary of Vipaco officials and employees to contribute more resources to support officials, soldiers and medical staff who are performing day and night tasks of epidemic prevention and control. In order that in difficulties and tribulations, humanity’s love can be lit up, as if adding valuable energy for the whole people to join hands to fight and win the epidemic. Although the road ahead still has many difficulties, but with the determination, consensus, and the sharing and care of the people of the country, Vietnam will surely win the Covid-19 pandemic ❤❤
P/s: Some pictures of Vipaco drawstring garbage bags given at hospitals, isolation areas in Ho Chi Minh City


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