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Vipaco Agricultural Coating- European Standard, Outstanding Quality

Agriculture plays an important role in economy as well as ensuring people’s lives, however, agricultural production is still significantly influenced by “God”. And to reduce dependence on weather factors, people increasingly find ways to protect achievements as well as improve yield and quality of agricultural products, contributing to promoting better and better life.

Understanding the struggles of farmers, Vipaco- One of the pioneering manufacturers in the field of blown film, launched the product line of agricultural film, protecting and improving productivity in agricultural production. . Currently, the Company has invested in the most modern machinery and equipment, imported from Taiwan, Europe with the ability to blow from 3 to 5 layers, providing long-term use efficiency for agricultural film.

Excellent effects of Vipaco agricultural mulch

Vipaco agricultural mulch is made from plastic PE plastic, two sides on top and bottom with 2 different dark gray colors, the black side covers directly down the surface, the gray side is the sunny vertical surface with the plants. Agricultural mulch Vipaco has the following excellent advantages:

  • Limiting pathogens directly from soil to plants: Agricultural mulch completely isolates pathogens that attack directly from soil to plants because the coating surface quickly dries out after rain, does not create favorable conditions for fungi. illness when there is not enough oxygen, warm sun and humid environment.
  • Limit pests: The silvery gray color of the mulch reflects sunlight, providing more light under the foliage, changing the habitat of insects that live on the underside of the leaves, limiting the attacks of insects such as rattles, aphids, and repels aphids, rattles (insects that carry the virus that causes kinking), and melon aphids.

  • Keep fertilizer, keep water for plants: In the dry season, agricultural mulch prevents evaporation, keeping moisture well for plants. In the rainy season, the mulch prevents rainwater from pouring directly on the surface of the diaphragm so that the surface of the plywood surface is not eroded, the roots are not waterlogged, the soil keeps the structure loose and the humidity is stable throughout the season, so the root system grows dark multi.
  • Keeping warm when it is cold: Similar to preventing flooding in the rainy season, in areas often suffering from frost and frost such as Da Lat and the Northwest, cultivation faces many difficulties. Agricultural mulch helps to maximize the increase in the soil temperature at night, keeping the roots warm, especially when the young plants are not able to withstand poor weather.

  • Prevent weeds from growing: The black side of the mulch prevents sunlight and photosynthesis, causing weeds to die in the mulch. Thereby, it saves the cost of cultivating and weeding during the cultivating time.
  • Increase crop efficiency: Due to limiting pathogens, insects as well as maintaining maximum structure, the nutrients in the soil for plants grow most strongly, so crops are used shallow mulch. Industry brings good yield, the rate of crops rejected is much less than the normal planting method. In addition, scattered light from the membrane surface to the fruit also helps to increase the color of the fruit peel, the rate of leftovers is also significantly reduced.
  • Ensuring the quality of agricultural products: The agricultural mulch keeps fruits and vegetables from touching the soil. This reduces contact with the soil reduces fruit rot as well as keeps fruits and vegetables clean.

Why is Vipaco’s agricultural mulch favored?

Over the past 15 years, with the characteristic thin but soft, firm, hard to tear when pulled, reused many times for many crops, competitive prices, compact roll design, easy to transport, use With long-term use, Vipaco agricultural mulch is not only trusted by people all over the country, but is also very popular in three major markets, Japan, Europe and America. Especially, with advanced production technology from Europe, safe raw materials for 100% primary plastic plastic production, Vipaco agricultural film is environmentally friendly, with the highest crop efficiency.

6 Outstanding advantages of Vipaco agricultural mulch:

  • Manufactured according to European quality standards
  • Green, environment-friendly raw materials
  • Tough, high strength, reusable many times
  • Easy to use, easy to install – install.
  • Roll back easily when not in use
  • In particular, the clear design, the anti-UV surface makes the membrane more durable for a longer life

With the above advantages, the selection of Vipaco agricultural mulch will help farmers conveniently cultivate vegetables and fruits, both economical and high-yield.

On the market, there are many types of agricultural mulches with unclear origins, which greatly affect the farming process such as being easily damaged by weather, external effects, unsafe materials, making plants less developed. Vipaco’s agricultural coating has all the most outstanding advantages in the market to bring the perfect choice to contribute to economic growth for the people.

When there is a need for agricultural mulch, Vipaco Packaging Company is the choice that customers should not ignore. Contact Vipaco immediately for detailed technical advice and receive a specific quote. We are committed to giving you experiences that exceed your expectations, and reputation and quality are always on top.

If you have any questions, please contact Vipaco directly via Hotline 0221 376 7968 Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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