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Strong DrawString Trash Bag

Strong DrawString Trash Bag



The Strong Vipaco cordless drawdown bag will help with cleaning the house quickly. Small wastes such as scrap paper, confectionery peels, fruit peels … are quickly collected to make your living space clean and tidy.

– Strong Vipaco drawstring bags are manufactured on European modern technology line, tough, sturdy & convenient.
– HDPE plastic material & self-destructing additives, safe and environmentally friendly
– 3 No- Odorless, Non-toxic, Not afraid of podiums or leaks
– Intelligent drawstring design, very effective CLEANING, CLEANING, and extremely effective
– The bag is 44.5x50cm in size, 20 liters in volume, and fits well with the types of trash available on the market.
– Great choice for families and offices to always be neat, tidy, and clean and save money
– Use the Vipaco trash bag today to protect the environment and your loved ones!

Product information

Product Type: Biodegradable drawstring garbage bag

Size: 44.5 x 50cm

Capacity: 20 Liter

Quantity: 20 Bags / Roll

Color: Black

Brand: Vipaco (Vietnam)

Made in Vietnam

Material: HDPE

European quality standards

Advantages: Biodegradable garbage bag, environmentally friendly and safe for users

Uses: Diversified functions, neatly stored in homes, offices, restaurants; storage of household items …

Instructions for use: Open the roll of trash and tear in a serrated path. Put the garbage bag in the trash can. After pulling the garbage full, tie it tightly


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