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HDPE Membrane Waterproofing Lining for Artificial Lake Project

HDPE Membrane Waterproofing Lining for Artificial Lake Project

technical information/parameter

material: HDPE


The shrimp farming industry is very developed in Vietnam. Therefore, to meet shrimp farming needs, it is necessary to cover shrimp ponds (also known as PE tarpaulins, HDPE canvas) to prevent alum, improve shrimp ponds to prevent bacteria …

Using a HDPE lake liner, a tarpaulin is an effective way to create a controlled and hygienic culture environment, while at the same time preventing erosion, saving operating costs and convenient harvesting. HDPE lake liner is an essential material for industrial shrimp farming

HDPE lake liner is manufactured according to industrial processes, has no harmful substances, meets export standards, limits risks, controls harmful factors to shrimp, regulates the environment, increases productivity, lowering costs thus achieving high efficiency.

Membrane Lining is used to:

– Anti-flooding effect, pores, alum, water turbidity washed away by rain.

– Against contaminated water, contaminated with pathogens such as: algae, harmful microorganisms. . . intrusion into ponds and lakes.

– Because water is not permeable, well separated from the surrounding environment, the water level and alum are stable.

– This is a specialized membrane, unlike other membranes, has high strength and long service life.

– Due to the above advantages, the lining of the lake will save labor, time and effort in repairing ponds and lakes, minimizing risks, thereby achieving high economic efficiency.

– Actively retain water very well, absolutely waterproof

– Ensuring the amount of oxygen in the water. Preventing the deposition of oxygen into the soft sludge layer on the pond bottom, reducing the amount of oxygen consumption caused by organisms living in the pond bottom soil, reducing aeration equipment and reducing electricity costs to generate oxygen. Eliminate turbid water caused by bank erosion or soft mud on the pond bottom caused by the little change in water volume, so it is easy to maintain dissolved oxygen, acidity, and salinity in the pond.

– The surface of the lining membrane is smooth, ensuring that it is easy to wash the bottom of the tank before adding water. Poor quality water such as acidic, organic water, animal carcasses, bacteria in the pond bottom cannot penetrate into the pond.
Laying HDPE tarpaulin helps the lake bottom to be hard and clean, ensuring food does not mix with the soft mud on the bottom of the pond, thus improving the feed conversion ratio, increasing the ability of shrimp to eat on the bottom. Good water quality and clean pond bottom ensure healthy shrimp and free from contamination resulting in higher quality shrimp.


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