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Die Cut Bags

Die Cut Bags



Die Cut Bags

Die Cut bag is a rectangular packaging product with a rectangular cut above the handle, which is very nice and convenient during the shopping and transportation process. Currently, Die Cut bag have many attractive colors such as yellow, green, red, milky white, yellowish, multi-colored … very beautiful and fashionable. Currently, many fashion shops, apparel, accessories, phone shops, footwear, banks … are very fond of the Die Cut bag and often ordered to process according to their own model to promote product brands.

With the diversity of many different business fields, so each field will choose the most suitable materials. Accordingly, products of Die Cut bag are also produced in a diverse range and available in materials such as HD, PP, and PE. Join us to learn about materials to produce a quality Die Cut bag!

With the HD Die Cut bag model, the bag is rough, the bag is easy to fold and the toughness is not high, so the HD Die Cut bag is very cheap and used quite popular because the price is very cheap.

The PE Die Cut bag is flexible, smooth, and smooth, so the bag is printed on a very beautiful, luxurious bag and capable of withstanding heavy weight, so the product is very popular in packaging. Fashionable products are very beautiful, very valuable.

PP Die Cut bag is a low-elastic product, with hardness and transparency, the best scratch resistance, so the bag is used in export packaging, confectionery, school supplies, medicine …


It is suitable for storing light and beautiful items such as gifts, cosmetics, clothing, CDs, pills, small boxes, etc. This is also a very good way of advertising.


size according to client’s request. Clients can refer to some sizes below

  • 15×23 cm (300gr bag)
  • 17×25 cm (500gr bag)
  • 20×30 cm (1kg bag)
  • 24×34 cm (2kg bag)
  • 26×40 cm (3kg bag)
  • 30×42 cm (5kg bag)
  • 35×50 cm (8kg bag)
  • 40×60 cm (15kg bag)


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