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Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on Vietnamese Packaging Industry

Many experts said that the plastic packaging industry in Vietnam market has many prospects in the new normal period. In particular, under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the packaging industry was partly affected both positively and negatively. Along with Vipaco packaging analyzed through the following article!

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many lives and industries both positively and negatively. In which, it is impossible not to mention the field of packaging. Currently, the pharmaceutical, consumer, health care products or e-commerce industries are developing strongly. Since then, leading to the development of the plastic packaging segment.

The demand for plastic beads for packaging production after the epidemic is over will tend to increase sharply because food companies, restaurants, hotels … will reopen. Therefore, it is likely that packaging enterprises will have to face a shortage of raw materials and supplies… In the worst case, the increase in the price of input materials makes the production stage difficult.

The demand for packaging is huge, especially in densely populated markets or developed economies: China, the US, Europe… Therefore, when Covid – 19 takes place globally, businesses will have to face challenges. Faced with the slow push of the distribution channel, the waiting time for goods will be longer. In many cases, it is not even possible to transport and sell abroad.

Similarly with the domestic market, in many areas in the epidemic center and being separated, transportation and distribution will face difficulties. From there, it directly affects the sales volume as well as the ability to rotate and recover capital for manufacturing enterprises.

Vipaco packaging stands firm in the Vietnamese packaging market

It can be said that the impact of Covid-19 does not affect any single profession, but it affects all economies across the five continents. Facing the complicated fluctuations of the Covid 19 pandemic, Vipaco Packaging Production Application Investment Co., Ltd still stands firmly in the market thanks to the appropriate strategy. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of packaging: food bags; freezer bags; Zipper bag; PE film; agricultural mulch; drawstring garbage bags; T-Shirt bag; geomembrane….

From the very beginning of the outbreak, the Board of Directors of the Company responded quickly and gave practical instructions. While promoting the spirit of officials and employees through practical actions to implement 5K in epidemic prevention. Prepare a safe isolation plan at the factory as directed by the government in case of the worst case.

In addition, with a reputation of 15 in the market and being the main strategic partner for many big brands, Vipaco’s production and business situation is not affected much.

Modern production and business lines with all genuine imported machinery. Dynamic, professional staffs with a spirit of solidarity and high consensus have helped Vipaco always maintain output, quality and on-time delivery for all partners and customers.

Vipaco’s factory
At the same time, to strengthen the spirit of cooperation, Vipaco also offers many preferential policies for customers and partners to ensure that they can go through difficult times together.

Vipaco donates 200 million to the Covid-19 Prevention Fund

It can be seen that, with a broad vision and a heart with the profession, Vipaco has become one of the typical packaging production enterprises during the Covid-19 epidemic. Even, always keeping in mind that: “Corporate responsibility goes away. with social responsibility” Vipaco donated 200 million VND to support the Government’s Vaccine Fund according to the nationwide call. This is the amount deducted from 1 day salary of Vipaco officials and employees in order to contribute more resources to support officials, soldiers and medical staff who are performing day and night tasks of epidemic prevention and control.

In particular, Vipaco also supported hundreds of thousands of Vipaco cordless garbage bags that were given to Duc Giang General Hospital, Thanh Nhan Hospital, Gia Lam District General Hospital; Capital Command; North Thang Long Hospital; Ha Dong General Hospital and 12 concentrated isolation areas in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, serving the daily needs of doctors, medical staff, patients and people.

For Vipaco, this is no longer a “social responsibility” but also a spirit of mutual affection, consensus and belief towards a healthy Vietnam. And so that in difficulties and tribulations, humanity’s love is even more illuminated, as if adding a valuable source of energy for the whole people to join hands to fight and win the epidemic. Although the road ahead still has many difficulties, but with the determination, consensus, and sharing and care of the whole country, Vietnam will surely win the Covid-19 pandemic.

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