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Advantages of Zipper Bags in Production and Life

In order to reduce the current problem of toxic plastic and plastic waste, the production of environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging is becoming more and more popular. In particular, Vipaco stands out with the product line of zipper bags specializing in food preservation. So the advantage? How is the use of zipper bags in the field of life and production? Find out with Vipaco through the article below.

Advantages of Vipaco zipper bags
Vipaco zipper bags are manufactured from HDPE material, safe for users’ health and environmentally friendly. However, the product still ensures the tough, durable, and flexible properties like normal storage bags.

With good heat resistance, moisture resistance, waterproofing and good odor resistance, Zipper Vipaco bags are used to preserve food. Moreover, thanks to the thin, light and airtight nature, it will not affect the properties or weight of the items contained inside.

Vipaco zipper bags have various sizes, designs and clear printing. As a result, businesses will easily position their brand to customers.

Uses of zipper bags in life and production
Zipper bags are extremely widely applied in many different areas of life and production. As follows:

  • Food: this is the industry with the highest proportion. People often use zip bags to pack and preserve food from dust, mold or harmful bacteria. The mouth of the bag is airtight, so you don’t have to worry about the product being opened, falling, or leaking outside. Therefore, freezing the product is also very easy.
  • Medical: mainly used in medicine, masks, medical gloves, …
    Self-electrical components: Contains compact, easy-to-carry items such as headphones, charging cables, usb, memory cards, filters, etc.
    Pharmaceutical cosmetics: cosmetic bags, makeup bags, ….

Which unit produces reputable and quality zipper bags?
If you are wondering where to buy safe zipper bags, there is Vipaco. As one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the “green packaging” campaign in Vietnam, we always try to bring the highest quality and standard product lines to consumers.

Quality zipper bags at Vipaco

Vipaco is proud to be the leading unit specializing in the production of high quality zipper bags to meet all the needs of users in particular and businesses in general.

  • Vipaco Zipper bags, European quality standards, widely popular in US, Japan & EU markets
  • Produced from safe materials, no chemicals, ensuring user’s health, environmentally friendly
  • Double-sided design in the inner side – Zip lock is firmly designed for convenient use and storage of the product.
  • Its durable, tough, and heat-resistant properties help keep food fresh, attractive, and retain its original flavor.
  • Store all kinds of food, from vegetables and raw fish to dry and liquid foods

In particular, dry goods stored in zip bags will not be moldy, smell unpleasant, drinks will not leak to the outside, very convenient when transporting.

Produced from safe HDPE material

Vipaco produces zipper bags from HDPE virgin plastic:

  • No pollution to the environment.
  • Do not mix impurities, friendly, safe for users.
  • Does not contain harmful substances, so it does not affect the quality of the food and utensils contained in the bag.
  • Can be recycled and reused many times

Produced on the most modern lines

We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of zipper bags with:

  • Modern and advanced production lines imported in Japan, Italy, and Taiwan. Vipaco applies high technology to the production of zipper bags to produce sturdy, durable, beautiful and sophisticated zip bags.
  • Dedicated and skilled staff, always putting product quality as a top priority to bring the best products to customers.

Safe for health, widely used in life

Thanks to modern production process, and safe and non-impurified HDPE plastic, Vipaco’s zipper bags are widely used in life, safe for users’ health:

  • Used to pack goods and products.
  • Used to store dry food (seeds, grains, etc.), fresh food, and processed food.
  • Used to store food to take away without worrying about spills, spills or damage.
  • Used to store electronic components, small screws …

Especially, many businesses, factories, and factories choose the company’s zipper bags in packaging goods and products, ensuring that the products are not damaged, dropped, scratched or degraded.

If your business is in need of choosing zipper bags for its products, Vipaco is the first choice. Please feel free to contact our company for detailed advice. Vipaco will make sure you get the best packaging, the best quality at the best price.

Any questions, please contact Vipaco directly via Hotline 0221 376 7968 Our staff will be ready to answer your questions.

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