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Vipaco’s Direction Before Covid 19

If it is said that the product is the core value, then the packaging is the marketing hero that makes customers pay attention to the product. Therefore, today packaging is becoming one of the hot industries with great potential for development. However, when Covid 19 broke out, a series of major economies slowed down, causing the packaging industry to be greatly affected. So what are the most obvious impacts of the epidemic for this industry? What is the direction that packaging manufacturers should aim for?

The Covid-19 epidemic has caused the packaging industry to fall into crisis

As one of the industries with great potential and demand, packaging businesses are currently in crisis with the stressful situation of Covid – 19. Some businesses in epidemic-hit areas are even suspending products to ensure the safety of their employees.

According to experts, if the control of Covid-19 is not done well from now until the end of 2021, not only packaging but many other industries will face difficulties. In which, the most prominent are the difficulties in capital, human and distribution. Detail:


Due to social distancing to ensure better control of the epidemic, the wave of workers returning to factories will be delayed. Since then, packaging production and business enterprises will not have enough human resources to operate the system.

At the same time, packaging enterprises also face many challenges in preventing and controlling security when workers return to work.

The demand for plastic beads for packaging production after the epidemic is over will tend to increase sharply because food companies, restaurants, hotels … will reopen. Therefore, it is likely that packaging enterprises will face a shortage of raw materials and supplies… In the worst case, the increase in the price of input materials makes the production stage difficult.


The demand for packaging is huge, especially in densely populated markets or developed economies: China, the US, Europe… Therefore, when Covid – 19 takes place globally, businesses will have to face challenges. Faced with the slow push of the distribution channel, the waiting time for goods will be longer. In many cases, it is not even possible to transport and sell abroad.

Likewise with the domestic market, in many areas that are in the epicenter of the epidemic and are being separated, transportation and distribution will face difficulties. From there, it directly affects the sales volume as well as the ability to rotate and recover capital for manufacturing enterprises.

Vipaco’s strategic direction before the Covid-19 pandemic

It can be said that the impact of Covid-19 does not affect any single profession, but it affects all economies across the five continents. However, if you look at the reality, to be able to develop and stand firmly in the market during the 2 years from 2020 to 2021 is not easy for packaging manufacturers, the most typical of which is Vipaco.

Vipaco is a typical example in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic

From the very beginning of the outbreak, the Board of Directors of the Company responded quickly and gave practical instructions. While promoting the spirit of officials and employees through practical actions to implement 5K in epidemic prevention. Prepare a safe isolation plan at the factory according to the government’s direction in case the worst case…

In addition, with the reputation of 15 in the market and the main strategic partner for many big food brands, the production and business situation of the unit is not affected much.

Modern production and business lines with all genuine imported machinery. A dynamic, professional staff with a high spirit of solidarity and consensus has helped Vipaco always maintain output, quality and on-time delivery for all partners and customers.

At the same time, to strengthen the spirit of cooperation, Vipaco also offers many preferential policies for large customers and partners to ensure that they can be friendly and mutual to go through difficult times together.

Vipaco donates 200 million to the Covid-19 Prevention Fund

It can be seen that, with a broad vision and a heart with the profession, Vipaco has become one of the typical packaging production enterprises during the Covid-19 epidemic. Even, always keeping in mind that: “Corporate responsibility goes away. with social responsibility” Vipaco also donated money to buy vaccines to support the government in line with the nationwide call. This is considered a beautiful act and noble gesture of all Vipaco employees.

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