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Vipaco- Vietnam’s Leading Packaging Manufacturer

Formerly known as Tan Hoang Anh Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2002 with a small scale, but has continuously made efforts to develop. In 2006, Vipaco started production of phase 1 on an area of ​​5,800m2. With only products such as T-shirt bags and Shopping bags, Vipaco has quickly won the market’s trust, affirming the correctness of the vision of the Board of Directors as well as the accuracy of the business plan. market operators.

With the desire to bring the Vietnamese brand to the international market, Vipaco has become a pioneer enterprise in applying modern technology to the Vietnamese packaging industry to create high quality products with European standards. Europe, friendly with the environment. Vipaco’s factory system uses 100% of equipment and machines imported from Japan, Italy, and Taiwan. For Vipaco, each product is not just an ordinary product, but it is the essence of the packaging industry. Each packaging product is not simply for storing goods, but also enhances the beauty, strength and value of a brand name.

Multi-layer blowing machine made in Europe at Vipaco factory

Through the 15 stage of establishment and development, Vipaco has successfully oriented its brand in the field of high quality packaging production, European standard by conquering three major export markets in the US and Japan. & Europe- The fastidious markets, with strict requirements for product quality and environmental protection principles.

Vipaco’s market system after 15 years of establishment and development

Vipaco has made a mark with partners and customers from the production process meeting ISO 9001, ISO-14001 standards; ISO- 50001; SA-8000, 5S to professional and dedicated customer support and care services. Vipaco is proud to be a packaging supplier for hundreds of thousands of businesses and agents across the country and international friends. In the atmosphere of labor emulation across the country, Vipaco’s employees were more enthusiastic and devoted to production. After each working day, Vipaco shipments are connected to all roads of the country. Vipaco is proud to contribute to building a rich country homeland.

Vipaco’s employees work passionately, diligently in production to bring the best quality products to consumers.

Along with the excellent fulfillment of business tasks, full fulfillment of obligations to the State, and good fulfillment of responsibility to consumers, Vipaco is a leader in sharing social responsibility together. Through charity programs – social security, contributing to a better life, because Vietnam is rich, prosperous, and happy. In addition to caring for the health and life of workers, Vipaco actively participates in environmental protection activities, building schools, nurturing the children’s aspirations to go to school.

Vipaco’s staff are enthusiastic to participate in voluntary blood donation at Pho Noi A

Vipaco Packaging is proud to bring customers and partners the best quality products and the most perfect services. Market understanding, professional knowledge, passion for service, proactive approach … VIPACO brings to the market a brand with a sustainable core value, a strong commitment, and a vision towards a sustainable future. Sustainable and environmentally friendly!

To get today’s achievements is the process of ceaseless efforts of Vipaco’s staff and employees, the efforts in changing packaging production technology to create quality products. the best. Along with that, thanks to the correct strategies of the management board, Vipaco overcame many tough challenges during the economic downturn and has stood firm until today. Vipaco is confident to be a reputable packaging manufacturer that you should cooperate with.

You can find more information regarding the packaging manufacturing and supplying here. Any questions please contact us directly via Hotline 0221 376 7968. Vipaco’s staff will be happy to answer your questions.


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