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Vipaco & Green packaging production trend

Environmental problems are hotter than ever as the level of environmental pollution is increasing globally. One of the causes of this situation is the problem of using plastic packaging, non-biodegradable, slow-degrading packaging that increases waste. Therefore, the green trend in product packaging is a general trend that the packaging industry is aiming for.

So what is the green trend in the packaging industry? Let’s find out with Vipaco Packaging through the content of the article below.

Things to know about the green packaging trend

Any industrial production activities need to pay attention to environmental issues. The same goes for the packaging industry, every product created must ensure the best safety for the environment.

The trend of green packaging was born with the production of packaging products with natural materials, good degradability, not harmful to human health as well as causing serious consequences to the living environment.

Environmental protection packaging production solutions are very interested and focused by those working in the packaging industry. Due to the increasingly complex environment, the trend of using green packaging has become more popular than ever.

Producing environmentally safe packaging is also a way to reduce negative impacts on the environment. This is both a food safety protection package and a very good environmental protection packaging, applying modern advanced green production technology.

With the trend of using green packaging, the packaging industry is trying to bring products that meet both needs: Convenience, safety for human health as well as environmental safety. express their responsibility for the common existence of the whole society.

Outstanding solutions in the green packaging trend

Food safe packaging and environmentally safe packaging are two prominent solutions in the trend of green packaging. Let’s learn about these two solutions below:

Food safe packaging

As we all know, the use of packaging made of plastic or bubble bags is convenient, but the risk of food insecurity is also great. When using plastic bubble bag packaging to store food, especially foods that are at high temperature, it is easy to cause chemical reactions with the plastic material of the plastic bag, and there is a risk of seeping into the food causing food poisoning.

According to many studies, the use of unsafe packaging easily increases the risk of skin diseases, cancer, digestive system, … Therefore, food safety packaging is one of the solutions that are focused on every day. to protect the health of consumers.

To produce food-safe packaging, materials must be used completely from nature, close to human life, and do not cause chemical reactions or harm to food. Food safe packaging is an effective solution for today’s packaging industry.

Vipaco frozen food bags are currently the most popular safe food bag on the market

Environmentally safe packaging

This is also one of the important solutions in the green packaging trend. Producing environmentally friendly packaging products, ensuring safety for the water and soil environment and not hindering the living process of plants and animals in the wild is what businesses produce. packaging towards.

Environmentally safe packaging will help limit the bad effects of plastic packaging, contribute to protecting green life and ensure sustainable development in the future. Applying green technology as well as modern advanced techniques will make it easier for environmentally safe packaging products to penetrate the market and be trusted by consumers. This is also the prominent direction of the green packaging trend.

Vipaco Biodegradable Garbage Bag Line

Vipaco Packaging – The unit that catches up with the green production trend 

The trend of green packaging with the production of food safe packaging and environmentally safe packaging is the main direction applied by Viet Packaging Application Production Investment Co., Ltd (Vipaco) today. With the desire to contribute to environmental protection, Vipaco always strives to create the best quality packaging products on the market today.

Packaging products at Vipaco not only ensure convenience, variety of designs and colors, but more importantly, the safety factor. The packaging here is produced with high safety, helping to protect food safety as well as protect the environment, responding to the trend of using green packaging and showing the company’s responsibility to the common problem of the whole world. society.

Vipaco packaging factory is built with export standards

In order to contribute to improving the quality of packaging products to users, Vipaco always focuses on investing in modern machinery and technological lines. The machines we use are imported directly from Germany, Italy and Taiwan such as: 3-layer blowing machine, high-speed single-layer blowing machine, EVOH 5-layer blowing machine, roll cutting machine line, folding cutting machine automatic garbage bag, automatic printer, roll splitter, high quality T-Shirt bag cutting machine line, 5-layer Stretch Film machine, etc.

Over 15 years of development, Vipaco has received many proud international certificates:

  • Quality management system- ISO 9001 standard;
  • Environmental management system- ISO 14001 standard
  • Energy management systems- ISO 50001 . standard
  • Social responsibility standard- SA 8000 . standard
  • Management Standard 5S

Vipaco Packaging is one of the leading companies in the trend of green packaging to show the spirit of environmental protection as well as consumer health. If you have a need for cooperation, please contact Vipaco via Hotline 0221 376 7968 for support.

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