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Pet Poop Bags

Pet Poop Bags


Size: 228 x 355 mm

  • 8 rolls/box
  • 20 bags/roll

+ Use pet cat and dog feces
+ Keep a small trash can in the bathroom
+ Keep a small trash can at the desk




Pet Poop Bags

Pet Poop Bags information:

Material: Pe, Environmental friendliness and biodegrable.

Easy to clean pet waste when going out.

Type or product: Pet Poop Bags

Color: red, green, blue, purple, black(natural)

Specification: sleek color, decomposition, and light

Size: 22.8×35.5cms

Pack: 8  pet poop rolls

Has an attractive scent to pets. Biodegradable bags.It’s very safe, convenient and easy to use.


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