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Special Bags: Calendar/ Block Head

Special Bags: Calendar/ Block Head

Material: HDPE


200x280x30mm/ 240x350x30mm / 250x380x30mm / 200x350x30mm (Có thể làm theo yêu cầu khách hàng)



Calendar bags

Calendar bags, also known as Block Head bags. Is a special form of bag, usually packed in a stack of about 100 to 200 pieces (depending on customer’s request), held together by heat-welded hole.

The bag was chosen for its convenience and utility. In addition to the regular white bag, Vipaco has a bag with vivid and attractive images or logos and brand names.

Features of the bag

  • Usage: The bag is often used for retail stores, supermarkets, food containers …
  • Material: HDPE
  • Color: Depending on customers’ requirements.
  • Size / Thickness: According to customer’s request.
  • Specifications: Made of tents and bags held together by heat-welded holes.


The bag is made of plastic with toughness and toughness, and is very suitable for storing all kinds of products. At the same time, the bag is dust-proof and waterproof, so the goods wrapped inside will always ensure hygiene.

Holding bags together with heat-welded holes makes taking each bag out of the stack for storage, to pack goods easier and more convenient. Especially when there are many customers in stores or supermarkets, it is very convenient to serve the fastest.


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