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PE Vipaco Stretch film- Outstanding quality

In the process of production, construction, transportation, storage, it is inevitable to avoid damage to the surface of the product such as dirt, scratches or corrosion… Therefore, green PE protective film Vipaco has been launched with optimal product surface protection.

What material is Vipaco PE Stretch film?

PE is the abbreviation of the English phrase: polyethyelen, an organic compound that is used very popular all over the world. And the green PE protective film is a thin PE plastic film that is coated with acrylic through extrusion and dyeing with a blue chemical solution.

This protective PE film is also known with many different names such as in English Pe Stretch Film or called chit film, shrink film in Vietnam. This is a material that helps to protect the surface of other products from dirt, scratches, corrosion during transportation and storage. They are divided into different categories based on adhesion: low, medium, high or special adhesion protective films.

Vipaco Green PE protective film is made from primary PE plastic beads sourced from suppliers in prestigious countries in the world. Products are manufactured on the most advanced technology line today, imported directly from Europe with outstanding features:
– HIGH DURABILITY: The film is coated with acrylic adhesive with high inhalation and adhesion but does not leave stains on the surface when peeled off; Ensure the surface is free from external forces which scratch the surface

– GOOD MOISTURE RESISTANT, glossy surface, soft

– SUPER GOOD GLUT: “Hold on without letting go”, avoid the case that the product that has not been put into use has peeled off the protective film

– DON’T LOSE THE GLUE: This is the most important property of the Vipaco protective film

– NO COLOR LEADING: With multi-layer film production technology, you can freely and confidently design logos, patterns, decorative motifs to protect your products.

Advantages of Vipaco green PE protective film

Vipaco blue protective PE film is widely popular in Europe, America & Japan market. They possess a wide range of outstanding advantages.

Waterproof and other solvents

Made from high-grade, primary PE resin, this protective film has the chemical properties of saturated hydrocarbons, does not interact with acids, alkalis, violet, … Even at high temperatures, they also dissolve very poorly in solvents such as xylene, amylacetate, trichlorethylene, … In particular, they are insoluble in water and fatty alcohols, actons, ethyl esters, … so this is an item to help protect the product from water repellency or solvents. another lip.


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