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HDPE Lake Liner Applications High Efficiency

Membrane lining water reservoirs in Vietnam is no longer a distant concept for many people. The application of HDPE waterproofing membrane  in irrigation in recent years has achieved success in construction projects for irrigation and water supply systems.

So what are the specific applications of waterproof membranes, what are the benefits and practical role of waterproofing in the irrigation sector? Let’s find out with Vipaco in the following article.


Due to the effects of climate change, as well as the increasing demand for water, there is a water imbalance between the wet and dry seasons. This leads to a water shortage in the dry season, causing a lot of damage in agriculture, aquaculture and affecting the lives of people.Therefore, the use of an HDPE waterproof membrane to line the bottom of the reservoir is It is considered as one of the optimal solutions, having a great role in maintaining fresh water sources, coordinating flood water into the dry season, helping to develop a system of ponds and lakes, protect the ecosystem. Waterproof membrane liners often have general characteristics such as:

Diverse terrain, alternating between hills and mountains and valleys. Or located in areas with salt water intrusion, sandy soil. Difficult to store water, affecting the development of agriculture and fisheries.
The reservoir has a large area, used for water supply, aquaculture, to help improve the environment, generate electricity and preserve the existing ecosystem.

Necessary standards of waterproof membrane-lined water reservoirs

Currently in Vietnam there are two types of reservoirs, containing water lined with HDPE membrane: natural lakes and artificial lakes. However, regardless of the type of lake, it is necessary to meet the following basic standards to ensure the water quality.

  • No pollution: The first factor is that the reservoir must be clean, not polluted, and have a system to control the environment and water quality.
  • To have green belts, trees and vegetation cover to create a natural environment for flora and fauna to develop.
  • There is a road, which makes water supply and management convenient.
  • Diversity in practical applications: water supply – storage for irrigation, aquaculture, domestic water, ecological conservation, environmental improvement, power generation …
  • Suitable for local economic development, sustainable development.

Roles and Benefits of HDPE-lined water reservoir

The pond system for water supply and storage has many different purposes and roles, depending on topography and local economic characteristics. But it can be divided by the popularity of the current waterproof membrane-lined reservoirs as follows:

Aquaculture water reservoir

The use of HDPE waterproof membrane lining the bottom of aquaculture ponds is an effective way to speed up farming crops, bringing many economic benefits to investors. At the same time, the reservoir lining also helps to create a quality culture environment, is waterproof, anti-erosion, saves investment and operating costs. In addition, the aquaculture water reservoirs are lined with HDPE film. it also overcomes the conditions of salinity, pollution, and avoids pathogens. Reducing risks in the process of care and management, thereby increasing productivity and quality of seafood.

Irrigation water reservoir

Considered an environmentally friendly material, with properties of UV resistance, antibacterial, waterproof and long service life. HDPE film is used by many people as a reservoir lining material for artificial irrigation for plants without being overly dependent on natural water sources, in addition to using a reservoir liner helps to limit water loss. , saving production costs, especially during the dry season and in salty areas. Irrigation can improve the field, regenerate an ecological area.

Irrigation reservoir, fresh water reservoir

The 0.5mm HDPE lake liner is often used in projects dealing with canals, irrigation dams, freshwater reservoirs, irrigation lakes. It is suitable for large area projects, does not cause turbidity, does not pollute the environment, has absolute waterproofing properties. At the same time, the service life of this liner has been recognized for up to 20 years of use, the HDPE lined irrigation reservoirs also play a role in regulating the water level during the season and year, increasing the exchange of water in the lake with the External currents contribute to better water quality in the region, raising underground water levels. Help regulating lake water discharge to push salinity in coastal lakes.

Ecological water reservoir – landscape

In addition to the above roles and fields, HDPE film is also used to line ecological water reservoirs, landscapes, to create eco-landscape, amusement parks and resorts. Large ecological lakes in Vietnam are lined with waterproof membranes to help preserve natural ecosystems, create buffers such as Ba Be Lake, Nui Coc Lake, Thac Ba Lake, Tri An Lake, Yaly Lake, Dau Tieng Lake, … facilitate the protection of landscape ecosystems, provide habitat for many endemic species of flora and fauna.With information about the role and benefits of the reservoir lining we have shared in the article. write on. Hope to partly help you understand more about the applications of the HDPE waterproof membrane in practice.

Membrane lining Vipaco lake

HDPE waterproof membrane is made from virgin plastic particles and has a small amount of carbon (c) black, so it has great tensile strength and elongation, and high durability. The film is made in rolls of varying lengths corresponding to different thicknesses. HDPE lake liner has wide applications in areas such as waterproof treatment of dikes, dams, irrigation reservoirs, domestic water reservoirs, waste landfills, BioGas pits and is popularly used in aquaculture lake.

If you have a need to use and buy HDPE lake liner, please contact Vipaco for technical advice as well as the fastest and most accurate quotation.


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